Sunday, September 17, 2017

undelete data from SD card

Most users will utilize a SD card to save more data as the mobile phone capacity is relatively small. The accident of data loss is still inevitable even if users are cautious when operating the data saved in SD card.  However, something bad occasionally happens. For instance, some meaningful photos may be deleted carelessly when users organize their data in SD card. Unfortunately, the deleted cannot found again in mobile phone. That is to say, to ordinary users, they will lose those photos if they don’t find a way to recover data from sd card on Mac.

recover SD card files

In fact, users have great chance to undelete memory card data since they are not removed really. They are just kept physically intact in the place where they occupied. To recover deleted data, users just need to resort to a Mac data restoration program. Thus, users have to find a micro sd card recovery software to recover data from sd card on Mac.

Mac Data Recovery is a piece of professional software for restoring lost data from Mac hard drive and other storage devices, including memory card. This application aims at recovering data from Mac partition (normal partition, formatted partition, logically damaged partition and lost partition) and external device. Here is a brief tutorial of lost files restoration from SD card by using this software. In the rest part of this passage, we will show users the detailed steps of memory card recovery from memory card. 

Launch the application to get this interface. Activate “Undelete Recovery” if the SD card data were deleted (situation one). If the data were formatted (situation two), please activate “Damaged Partition Recovery” module. Here, we take the former one as an example. Choose the SD card to scan by clicking “Full Scan”. Thirdly, users can pick out the desired data after the scan was over, and then put them into another drive by hitting “Save”. After finishing these steps, users have completed memory card recovery on Mac successfully.

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